2017 Tribal Election Information

Welcome to the Tohono O'odham voter information page designed to provide information on the 2017 Elections and candidates. This year marks only the 69th year that we as Native Americans have had the right to vote.. A right that was fought for and won! It is important that we honor that victory and continue to exercise that right to vote in Tribal elections. On May 27, 2017 celebrate that victory and get out and vote!

Everything you need — key dates, polling places, the candidates and other information on the May 27th Elections can be found right here. These Elections are important and they impact all of us, let's make sure your voice is heard — Get out and vote!!.

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**Looking for District Election Board's

Run-Off Election

ELECTION RESULTS - Chukut Kuk, Ak Komelik


Chukut Kuk (Ak Komelik) Letter and Schedule

Chukut Kuk (Vamori) Letter and Schedule

Chukut Kuk (West Villages) Letter and Schedule

Schuk Toak (Garcia Strip) Letter and Schedule

Election Results